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I’m passionate about showing people how to be more intentional with their money and live life to the fullest.

what i value


I am true to myself and do what I set my mind to. I’ve fostered a career that I am passionate about, even when the road to get here meant taking risks and temporarily reducing our family income. I love working with client families who are authentic in their journey to create a vision for their ideal life, whatever that may be. I look forward to collaborating with you and your partner along the path.


I am committed to asking, “Why?”. This is a question I ask of myself, my processes, and my practice frequently. It’s also a question you’ll hear me ask throughout our engagement. I want to understand your unique perspective to help you make more informed decisions. Uncovering the variables available to you can help us answer the “Why” questions along with the invitation that life often calls us to answer: “Why not?” 


I am called to this profession because I genuinely enjoy helping people. I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer and a former AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer. I have given my time to Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank. These experiences give me a greater sense of the world and the varying perspectives and possibilities that exist. Having compassion means I want to help make your life easier however that makes sense for you and your situation.

I’ve found my calling as a financial planner

Finances have always played an important role in my life, but I never knew it would become my passion. At 25, I quit my high-paying job and had to figure out how to facilitate my first rollover. Before entering the Peace Corps, I figured out how to defer my student loan. After our wedding, I researched where my husband and I could safely invest our money while we were abroad. This might sound like drudgery to some, but for me, they were stimulating challenges.

Over my life, I’ve bought and sold homes, moved across the country and globe. I worked for fortune 500 companies and small independent firms. This path eventually led me to acquire the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. I wanted to make a difference in the financial industry. The percentage of women CFP® professionals has remained flat at 23% for at least a decade.” The requirements for obtaining the CFP® designation are high: countless hours of coursework, a 6-hour extensive exam, and 6,000 hours of professional experience. 

I founded Kirwin Financial in 2021 because, honestly, there are not enough fee-only financial planners focused on serving my demographic. My husband and I could have used a sounding board along the way. 

I am originally from a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, not far from my alma mater, Lehigh University, where I majored in Industrial Engineering and swam competitively for four years. I have called Colorado Springs, Colorado home prior to joining the Peace Corps and where I met my husband. I have called Columbus, Ohio my home and attended The Ohio State University, where I earned my M.B.A. and completed Americorps VISTA service. I have called Wilmington, Delaware home which started my career at JP Morgan Chase & Co. And finally, my husband and I have lived in Issaquah, Washington for the past eight years. We love to hike, snowboard/ski, camp, and travel. And if we can combine those, it’s even better! We love taking our kids with us on new adventures.

I’ve found my calling as a financial planner

How about you, does this sound about right?

Maybe you are a newlywed in your 30’s. You made it through the wedding and took a fun trip, but now what? You and your partner are busy working and never really have time to talk about “the finances”. You’d rather be out hiking or skiing, depending on the season. 

We’re having our first child; what do we need to know? What should we prioritize? Can we afford to buy a new home?  What type of home would make us happy? What do we need to put away in case of an emergency? What sort of expenses should we be planning for?


Want to learn how to use money as a tool, to live life on your terms?